Small Business Start-Ups

You know your industry.  You’ve studied it, been immersed in it, and become an expert.  But do you know how to turn that passion into your own company?  Do you know if the law permits you to offer your goods or services to the public without first obtaining a business license? Are you protected from liability should a mistake occur?

Opening a small business can be both immensely gratifying and terrifying at the same time. Matthew Feinman has owned and run two of his own companies, and he understands your excitements and concerns.  The Law Offices of Matthew S Feinman offer services that start when you conceive your business idea and can support you into its future.

We help you get started by filing the paperwork that ensures your business is the correct type and structure. As you continue through the growth and expansion of your company, we can help with management issues, employee on-boarding and termination, negotiating deals, writing contracts, and creating processes that will help ensure an easy flow in your day-to-day operations.  Finally, if you decide to close or sell your business, we are available to assist you in selling assets, negotiating debt, and official wrap-up procedures.


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