Real Estate

Your most important asset will always be where you live.  Whether you rent or buy, knowing that you have somewhere to live gives you a sense of home.  There are many positive actions taken when getting a home – finding a loan, signing the deed, or executing a rental agreement.  Sometimes you have the privilege of owning multiple properties and you can rent some out to tenants and help them have a place to call home as well.

Sometimes, there are negatives that arise in your home.  You may find yourself underwater on your mortgage.  Your landlord may allow your house to fall into disrepair.  Your lease may be grossly one-sided and unfair.

The Law Offices of Matthew S Feinman is there for you, through both the good and the bad times of buying or renting.  We can review loan documents or leases (for landlords or tenants), help modify mortgages, or deal with landlord\tenant issues that may arise.

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