Entertainment Law

Regardless of your role or position in the entertainment business, legal assistance of some kind is usually necessary.  Too often, deals are made in the industry without a proper contract or employment paperwork, and, in those deals, somebody will almost always lose.

Before attending law school, Attorney Feinman spent nearly a decade in the film and television business. His on-set experience includes production assistant, grip, casting assistant and director, first assistant director, producer, production manager, and director of photography.  When he decided to open his own production company, he knew that he needed contracts, employment agreements, investor releases, and more.  In the years he owned his company, the contracts he used allowed him to avoid potential disputes.  Attorney Feinman also has experience working with clients in the music business, including record studios, labels, and artists.

Whether you need permits to shoot in public areas, contracts for talent or crew, or you want to know the types of tax incentives for which you may qualify when putting together a production, the Law Offices of Matthew S Feinman can help you navigate the ins and outs of the legalities of the entertainment industry.


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