Bankruptcy Litigation

When it comes to bankruptcy, Debtors, Creditors, and other parties who may be involved in a bankruptcy should all have representation in court.

Debtors, or those who owe money, can often find themselves in situations where their bankruptcy is being challenged, or the Trustee may sue to recover money from someone the Debtor paid (rightfully or wrongfully so) before filing for bankruptcy. There may be changed circumstances since you filed for bankruptcy, and the Court may be looking to dismiss your bankruptcy filing altogether.  Defending yourself against a Creditor or the Trustee can be overwhelming, and you’ll be glad to have someone in your corner representing your interests.

Creditors, or those to whom money is owed, never want their Debtors to file for bankruptcy, but it happens.  Chapter 7 bankruptcies can result in a complete loss, and Chapter 13 bankruptcies can mean a slow, or even non-existent repayment.  However, there are options for Creditors to recover their property, and even maintain the payments due to them by the Debtors.  We help Creditors file the proper paperwork for relief from the bankruptcy.  Additionally, there are some Creditors who may have never had to deal with bankruptcy at all and will certainly have questions.  We are here to bring clarity to the bankruptcy procedure, help obtain relief from the automatic stay, and bring adversary proceedings where necessary.