Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyer

Financial difficulty is something that no one wants or plans to go through.  Unfortunately though, it happens to a lot of people, and usually through no fault of their own. Unemployment, medical costs, court judgments – all of these can contribute to seemingly overwhelming debt.

Attorney Feinman is committed to helping people with financial difficulty find a way through these kinds of burdens with sensitivity and understanding toward the emotional stress that sometimes comes with handling financial pressure. Whether it is negotiating with creditors, filing for financial assistance, or declaring bankruptcy, he can help see you through to the other side of your hardship.  In addition, Attorney Feinman – your Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer – can help you determine if your bankruptcy would qualify for a Chapter 7 filing (debt liquidation) or a Chapter 13 filing (reorganization and payment plan).

In addition, litigation is a large part of the bankruptcy process that many are unprepared for.  Whether you need to a strong defense as a Debtor or third-party defendant, or need to bring action as the Trustee or a Creditor, the Law Offices of Matthew S Feinman is prepared to litigate your case from beginning to end.

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We provide assistance with debt relief in Pittsburg, PA. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.